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10 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Nails

10 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Nails

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6. Splurge on Prep Your Nails with Repair Polish

It’s no secret that your nails come in a variety of colors and even textures. But if you’re a stickler about making sure your nails last (even if the little ones in your Manicure got a splatter), make sure you’re getting the best polish. The transformation from discolored, brittle-looking polish to sleek, healthy nail lacquer is startling, and that polish comes at a steep price. Check online or in your dentist’s office to make sure you’re getting great salon-quality polish. Then use a professional polish remover to scrub away any remaining dirt, and smudge-proofing treatments to prevent polish from chip. When you’re ready to polish again, follow the directions carefully, avoid applying polish to your nails after you’ve done your polish job, and re-heat or break out in hives before the polish cures.

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