Why You Should Trust A Professional With Your Nails

The hashtag #nailstagram has been used in over 11 million posts in Instagram which indicates how much women take pride in achieving that perfectly-polished-nails look. For some ladies, the goal is Manicure perfection but for others, it isn’t just the look that gives them motivation to keep coming back to their favorite Nail Salon and spa. They go because getting nails done in a professional Nail Salon is an ideal way to de-stress and relax.

A Nail Salon appointment could be a real treat but while pretty nails and hand massages sure sound appealing, like any other guilty pleasure, there are pros and cons in getting a salon mani/pedi. Learn the differences, weigh the pros vs. cons, and decide which way works best for you.



Initially, it might be costly to do your nails at home since you have to buy Manicure tools and materials, but after you’ve bought your supplies, your cost will be cheaper than if you were to get your nails done at a professional Nail Salon.

Now, if salon manicures cost more than at-home ones, why do a lot of women still prefer them?

As mentioned earlier, Instagrammable nails aren’t the only reason why women go to nail salons. This is because besides your regular nail polish, your friendly nail techs, who are always eager to please, will also pamper you with relaxing hand massages and other services that will help you relax. If you’re a busy mom who is in desperate need of some me-time, a relaxing Manicure could make a world of difference.



Depending on how fancy you want your Manicure to be, you’ll need different kinds of tools and products to pull it off. Most salons provide spa manicures, which would could include hand wax, scrubs and moisturizers, nail files, buffers, nail polish, cuticle sticks and the like. If you don’t feel like cluttering up your room with so many hand and nail products, getting professional manicures may be a more practical option.

One more thing, even though you can order a few of the brands and equipment you like online or buy them from local beauty shops, the truth is that nail salons will have more quality products than you can have at home. Professional nail salons have a reputation to uphold so they make sure they use high quality products.

These equipment and products make every service that you pay for, worth it. Your nail polish will last longer, your nails will be healthier, and you’ll feel more confident overall because of that.


Polish Application

Surgeons aren’t the only ones who need steady hands. If you want nail polish perfection, you’d probably have to practice a few times before you can get a passable layer on. I’d bet you’ll agree that applying polish using your non-dominant hand is not a walk in the park. It could even be exasperating when you’ve tried a couple of times and still couldn’t get it right. This is why going to a professional Nail Salon is so nice.

You get your desired results, no frustration included.