For a lot of people, the feet are the most used and abused part of the body. We subject it to torture when we wear uber high heels for the sake of fashion. More so for those who run, jump, and live an active lifestyle, imagine how much weight and force their feet have to endure every day.

This is why getting a Pedicure could feel like such a luxury. You’re giving your feet their well-deserved break.

There are various types of pedicures that both men and women can enjoy. Learn how different one is from the other so you know what to ask for the next time you book an appointment. Just keep in mind that each spa and salon may have their own name for different types of pedicures so give them the details of the procedure you want and prepare yourself for some feet pampering.


The Classic or Regular Pedicure

The classic Pedicure or regular Pedicure is a standard Pedicure treatment that is suitable for those who want standard foot and toenail maintenance. It usually starts with a warm foot soak and foot scrub using a foot file or a pumice stone. After this, your nail technician will clip and shape your toenails and may even offer a short calf and foot massage. Women usually get their toenails colored after this, while most men prefer to leave theirs unpolished.

Spa Pedicure

The spa Pedicure is an upgrade from the classic Pedicure. In a spa Pedicure treatment aroma therapy oils are added to the foot soak and remaining calluses are removed with exfoliating scrub. To boost the pampering experience even more, a mask treatment is applied with a soft brush to help detoxify and pull impurities leaving the skin glowing and refreshed

French Pedicure

The French Pedicure could be one of the most popular type of Pedicure. When the French Manicure became in demand, women started to want them on their toenails too. Well, who could blame them? The French Pedicure is classy and sophisticated. It make feet look clean, chic, and polished.

You can ask for a French Pedicure with the classic or spa treatment, and your nail technician will paint your toenails with a thin white stripe on the top, followed by a pink or sheer nude nail polish.

The Athletic or Sports Pedicure

Do you exercise a lot? Are you sporty and athletic? If yes, then this type of Pedicure would suit you well.

Sports-minded people usually have thicker foot calluses than us common folk. Depending on the harshness of their activities, they may also be more prone to blisters and nail injuries. So, in addition to the foot soak and scrub of a regular Pedicure, moisturizers are often applied to help soften the feet. To relax strained muscles, reflexology and massages are included in this treatment.

The Gel Pedicure

Thanks to the invention of the gel nail polish, women now have an option besides acrylic nail polish. After the classic foot soak, scrub, and nail trimming, you can inform your nail tech your choice of gel nail polish and you will enjoy a long lasting and more vibrant colored toenails.

Deluxe Pedicure

This type of Pedicure is a leg up from the standard Spa Pedicure. This service will includes intense callus work if needed, followed by a trigger point massage on the legs and feet, focusing on any sore and tight areas of the legs and feet. Your Pedicure will be finished off with your choice of color, buff shine, or a nail strengthener.

You Deserve It

The next time you feel tired and worn out, treat yourself to your favorite kind of Pedicure. Spending time to get some feet pampering can do wonders not just for your physical, it can also relax your mind and your soul.