We don’t know about you, but a regular nail polish practically chips on our fingernails when we sneeze, so obviously we’re here for a good gel treatment.

But while nothing can compare to the shine and staying power of a proper in-salon gel mani, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a strain on our wallets. Not only can these treatments really add up in the financial stakes, but they’re super time-consuming too – we mean, who has time to go to the salon just to have their polish soaked off?

So, could an at-home gel nail kit be the solution? Promising the best of both worlds, these DIY kits contain everything you need to master the art of gel nails at home, but you’d be forgiven for dismissing them as a gimmick.

However, as innovations continue in the nail industry, it may well be time to reconsider the at-home gel nail kit. Now, there’s a kit out there to satisfy your every demand. There’s a portable lamp small enough to pack in your handbag, one that transforms any nail colour into gel, and even one that can rival the most impressive Nail Art you’ve spied on Instagram.

So, it is time to ghost your manicurist? To reveal whether these DIY gel nail kits can really meet your impeccably high standards, we tested all the best ones on the market to bring you the three that impressed us the most. Drum roll please….

How to DIY gel nails

First things first, it’s vital to master the craft. According to the experts at Leighton Denny, the trick is to ensure your nails are perfectly prepped before you start to paint. Make sure your nails are totally clean, free from polish, and gently remove your cuticles using a hoof stick.

To ensure maximum success, the most vital thing is to keep your layers of gel thin – paint them too thickly, and they won’t set properly. What’s more, remember to paint over the free edge of your nail to seal your mani sufficiently.

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