After a long and tiring week, isn’t there a better way de-stress than putting your feet up and getting pampered with a relaxing mani-pedi spa treatment?

If you have diabetes and you want to give yourself a treat but scared of getting an infection, you’ll have better peace of mind if you go to a reputable spa or Nail Salon. You’ll have less worry of getting cuts or nicks on your skin that could lead to bigger problems later on. Be cautious about where you go and how your Manicure or Pedicure is done.

To help ease your mind, here are some helpful tips so you can enjoy a mani-pedi experience even with diabetes.

Know Where to Go

As a diabetic, the first precaution you should take is to find a trustworthy Nail Salon and spa. Before you schedule an appointment, it’s better if you can inspect their establishment so you can check if they have a license and if their nail techs have proper training. Remember that a professional Nail Salon is required to display their license in a conspicuous location for everyone to see. If they have proper documentation, then they wouldn’t have anything to hide.

Having a license can indicate that they follow the right protocol in sterilizing their equipment but you can still inquire about their cleaning procedures, just to be sure.

It could be tempting to opt for inexpensive nail salons but there’s a risk that the reason why their services are cheap is because thy hire unlicensed technicians and use cheap equipment and products. If you’re really uncertain about a Nail Salon’s equipment sanitation, bringing your own tools is always an option. However, how inconvenient would that be?

If you still feel that getting a Manicure or Pedicure in a Nail Salon is risky because of your condition, you should check with your insurance provider if your policy covers a Pedicure treatment with a podiatrist. You can get your nails examined and cleaned there, and you can visit a Nail Salon and spa just for the massage and nail polish.

Inform Your Nail Tech About Your Condition

For a diabetic, a tiny cut can lead to infection and cause serious problems in the future. This is why you have to let your nail tech know about your condition even before you make an appointment.

If you have cuts or any wound on your hands, legs or feet, put off your Manicure and Pedicure until they heal. Soaking your skin in warm water for a long time may aggravate your situation and instead of feeling relaxed afterwards, you might regret getting a treatment.

Gently remind your nail tech to be careful when clipping your nails and cleaning their sides. A professional nail technician would know how to avoid ingrown nails. They should also know that nails shouldn’t be cut too short, otherwise, it’ll cause irritation.

You should also ask them not to trim your cuticles, it’s unnecessary and it strips your nails of their natural protection. If you want a clean look, the nail tech can use a cuticle pusher but only after your cuticles have been properly softened. Pushing back hard cuticles can cause tears and lesions. A situation that a diabetic should certainly avoid.

Don’t be Too Eager to Soak Your Feet

A foot bath is one of the most relaxing feature of a Pedicure. However, before you forget all your worries and get your feet wet, check the temperature first—especially if you have diabetic neuropathy. If you can’t feel extreme heat and you’re afraid of getting burned, you can go for a hot towel Pedicure instead. You’ll still feel relaxed and get your feet softened without having to worry of any risk.

Gentle Scrub Only

After a soak, your hands and feet are usually scrubbed to get rid of dead skin. Your hands may be scrubbed with moisturizers that have tiny beads to help exfoliate dead skin. It’s a different story for your feet though. If you have calluses or rough skin on your feet, it might require a more vigorous scrubbing to get them soft and smooth.

If your tech gets carried away with scrubbing, gently remind him/her of your condition. Do not endure any discomfort. Speak up and your tech will surely be gracious to address your concern. Remember that a reputable Nail Salon’s main concern is to provide exceptional service and satisfy their clients.

Don’t Let Diabetes Stop You

Diabetes should not stop you from enjoying a few hours of relaxation in a Nail Salon and spa. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll go home with pampered hands and feet, a lighter soul, and beautiful, shiny nails.