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Don’t Cut Your Nails in Public, Will Help Your Garden

Ever woken up to find someone’s nails gone? No, we’re not referring to random visitors, but actual friends who come over unannounced. There are a lot of reasons why you might cut your nails; some women do it to deter the men in their lives from hitting on them, but to all the women we know who are using this tactic, you need to give it up. Cut your nails for yourself and your loved ones to come over and admire the results. If they like what they see, then that’s an added bonus.

But if you are going to cut your nails, there are a few specific things you need to do to make sure you get the best nails possible.

1. You have to remove the nail that was cut, so leave a few finger points of hair in your bed or facial peel. The beauty behind this is that it extends your nicks from within your finger and forces the cuticles to grow upward. This allows your cuticles to heal and your nails to grow back properly.


2. Don’t fall into the trap of cutting in two places. There is a myth that using two to four stitches in your cuticles will stretch your nails and keep them longer. This is just not true. The average lady uses about 1.5 per inch, so imagine they use 4 on your hands.

3. Don’t trim too short. The ideal length of a haircut is between 5 and 7 inches. For a man, keep it at a 3-inch trim or just go with a nail cut.

4. Layered nail clipping is not a good idea. This is something that is often done in Texas. This means using more than one pomade. Make sure you pay attention to your cuticles when you soak your nails. If you like your nails slightly longer, cut at one nail and then add color the next three.

5. If you have to cut your nails, make sure it is an anchor cut that keeps everything else in the same place. If you need to cut your nails, I recommend cutting at a 4-inch width; the same length your nails originally were.