Some people can boast about naturally having hand-model-worthy nails but us mere mortals may have to take an extra step or two to make sure that our nails look healthy, shiny, and imperfection free

Who wants soft nails that break easily? We don’t think anyone does. So, if you want yours to stay strong and beautiful, take note of the following nail care tips:

  1. Keep your hands clean

Aside from regular hand washing, it’s also important that your nails and the skin around them are thoroughly dirt-free. You can gently scrub them with soap using a toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin. No need for expensive scrubs and harsh, drying chemicals.


  1. Be gentle and trim regularly

Nails are delicate. When you scrub them too roughly you can expose yourself to infection. If you don’t want irregular white arching, you shouldn’t use metal nail tools under your nails because too much digging under the nail plate will cause it to separate from the skin.

Trimming your nails every two weeks is also a good practice. If you think that’s too much time in between trims, you can adjust it more or less often and see how your nails would respond.


  1. Value health more than length

Long nails are beautiful, but let’s admit it, having long nails makes you prone to snags or breakage. If you’re work or hobbies cause a lot of nail wear and tear, it would be better to cut them short with round edges. Keep them in uniform shape and color them with a nice gel nail polish, they would look neat and you won’t miss the added length.

Additional tip: Keep a nail file with you all the time so you can smooth away any rough edges that happen on the spot. File in one direction along the grain of your nail and you’ll get a smoother finish.


  1. Don’t cut your cuticles

Your cuticles seal the area at the base of your nails. When you cut or remove the cuticle, you remove that seal of protection. This would leave your susceptible to bacteria and the possibility of infection. Your nails will thank you if you leave your cuticles alone.


  1. Protect and moisturize

Whenever you do anything that would require you to get your hands dirty or work with harsh chemicals, please don’t forget to put on gloves. Cleaning the dishes with hot, soapy water can weaken your nails. Gardening without gloves can also damage them when you fail to scrub off all the dirt.

You moisturize your hair and your face all the time, why should you treat your nails differently? Use a nutrient-rich oil or moisturizer before going to bed to keep your nails beautiful and hydrated.



  1. Consider what you eat

Our fingernails are made up of keratin. This protein makes up our hair and skin too. If you add vitamin E to your diet and take supplements like biotin and fish oil, you can hit 3 birds in one stone. Not only will you strengthen your nails, you’ll improve your skin and hair at the same time.