Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

It can be easy to overlook your own nails throughout the holidays because you’re focused on spending time with your loved ones and cooking. But like any relationship, there’s a time and a place for a manicure. Don’t worry, we’re here to keep you safe from toxic products and to remind you of the holidays are the perfect time to visit a nail salon or have an at-home manicure.

To help you get through the holidays, we enlisted the help of a professional nail technician to share a few of the best tips for keeping your nails looking fresh throughout the season. Read on for more nail hacks for breakage-free season.

Use Pampering Brushes

If you were skeptical that stroking your nails could help prevent breakage, Dr. Sherry Uy looked into it. “It’s not a magic bullet, but it can help strengthen the nail bed,” she told POPSUGAR. Dr. Uy suggests applying gentle but thorough strokes with a soft-bristled brush. Some of our favorites include the Wet Brush, One Firm Brush, and the Professional Body Brush, to name a few.

Wet Brushes Are Best For Keeping Nails Nail-Balanced

Dr. Uy said hands get a lot of moisture from damp clothing, especially when worn long over the course of a day. “You can be woken up in the middle of the night with a wet hand and you may need a few hours to dry out,” she said. So make sure to wear your gloves if possible. Or make sure you carry a towel, because it’s the easiest way to prevent nails from peeling or bleeding from wet hands.


Have Moisturizing Moisturizers on Hand

As with any skin or beauty product, it’s important to moisturize, especially your hands. Dr. Uy recommends applying a light moisturizer after washing hands and using a product with a high SPF to protect the skin and reduce sunburn risk. Be sure to use one with aloe vera on hand to soothe sensitive skin and also apply after your morning workout.

Don’t Use Dry Conditions As an Excuse Not to Get A Manicure

Dr. Uy told POPSUGAR that she often sees people coming in with “runny noses, cuts, scratches, discoloration, and even an underbite.” So it’s important to get a manicure ASAP if you notice anything.

Don’t Let a Few Bleeds On Your Manicure Pull You Down

Dr. Uy warns that wearing gloves and covering your nails for extended periods of time can lead to surface-related infections. “There’s really no reason to be conservative when it comes to safety,” she said. Avoid bleach, wax, nail polish remover, and nail polish remover that’s been bleached. Instead, use nail polish remover water to get rid of any leftover polish residue, and when making nail art, apply glue, a protective coating, before you draw on your nails.

If you’re planning on attending your family’s holiday party, “first thought is it’s fun to sit by the fireplace for hours on end, but we want you to be aware of the dangers that can occur,” Dr. Uy said. Keep nail polish at a safe distance from your hands and resist the urge to rub, squeeze, or pore over your nails during the event.