Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Tropical nails are so important in any woman’s life, and it’s awesome when they grow to have all these amazing features and enhance her look. But let’s face it: no matter how much conditioning and bracing you put on your nails, they’ll still end up looking like burnt toast. So what are some natural tips to give your nails a healthy glow?

Bobbi Brown nail expert Pauline White shares with POPSUGAR some secrets to naturally making your nails beautiful:

Applying Philosophy’s Lip Service in Sexy Summer ($16), “this vitamin B3-packed gel provides extra hydration and helps nourish nails. I love using this deep tan and blackberry dye and applying it throughout the day.” For a nude, taupe, or charcoal-y matte finish, wear Essie in Caramel or Doll. In addition to providing a healthy and natural look, it helps reduce breakage and strengthens your nails. “Wearing Nails Inc Topknot Pencil ($10) after I apply the Nails Inc Topknot Pencil ($10) helps anchor my nails to the nail bed, so that I won’t overburden them when I have to use a nail powder. The Topknot Pencil includes organic cotton fibers to help strengthen nails. Once I’m done applying the Topknot Pencil, I simply massage the entire area with the Topknot Pencil brush.” Use or sell a wider bristle brush (or heat a rubber spatula) and a natural bristle brush for a clean, oil-free surface. For soft natural nail protectors, try Nails Inc’s White Cherry $7, Nails Inc Extreme Nail Protector ($4), or Tenoverten’s Fast Tan Nail Protector. Another great product is White Tru-Juice Nail Conditioner ($7) for setting into place polishes to keep them polished for a longer period of time. The product also contains aloe vera for softening nails. To prevent dry nail beds, apply the OPI Hydrated Shellac Base Coat ($7) twice a week and reapply with the OPI Velociraptor Gel ($10). “When I massage the Soft C Nail Gel ($10) into my nails, I keep in mind that my hands, feet, and nails are a warm-blooded plant. My hands and feet have no insulation. A few minutes massage per day can greatly help build body heat. A soft, moisturized top coat like Delicate Grip Top Coat ($5) coats my nails instantly and brings additional moisture to my hands. If you are a prep artist and are responsible for much darker polish, than you’ll want to use Carefree Natural polish ($9), which contains olive oil in its makeup to maintain the polish’s look,” the expert said.

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