Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Have you ever questioned why your favorite neon nail polish is one of the coldest things to ever hit the Nordstrom aisle? Right now, the Antarctic is welcoming New Yorkers, if not the rest of the country, with open arms and freezing temps in tow. You’ll be hearing tons of ramblings about the temperatures outside and how freezing it is to get out of bed on time to go somewhere amazing. To prepare for the chill, it’s a good idea to know how to do a little prep work ahead of time so that your nails aren’t fried.

We spoke with nail expert Hayley Markwalter, owner of Hayley Nails, about how to prep for the cold weather (and how you can never go wrong with vanilla-y nude or nothing at all). “You definitely should be showering, moisturizing, and flossing before heading outside because when it gets warm, the water will cool the surface of your nails on your fingers to temperatures that are too low for a normal polish application,” Markwalter said. If the temps are colder, you can make sure that your polish is moisturized with just a few drops of Noire’s Lotion Base Coat ($34). Letting your nails dry completely also helps to stop the split ends by absorbing excess moisture from your finger. Markwalter also recommends mixing the moisturizer with nail polish for maximum moisturization, or just investing in Noire’s expensive Noire Shine Cream ($70), which washes the color off your nails instantly but won’t touch the patina off.

Read on for seven tips for avoiding split nails when you’re outside and freezing your tresses and nails!