Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Bringing up the topic of nail-care habits can be a challenging conversation to have, but if you’re considering going to a nail salon, you should be discussing the health of your own fingernails. Not to mention, it’s also safer to do your own pedicures, since your own hands and fingernails can protect you from other infections.

But before you go trying any cheap nail treatments, there are six important things to look out for when going out to your local salon, like:

If your salon is not licensed

While some nail salons are licensed to operate, others are not, which is confusing. There’s a difference between a licensed salon and a unlicensed salon, which can be an important thing to know when you’re deciding whether or not you should bring your own polish home with you, since we often order our own manicures and pedicures straight from places that aren’t licensed.

Be a bit worried about the language used in a licensed salon. Many use “product shots” instead of glues, and the ice packs may have a substance added to the basecoat and call it a “thermoplastic elastomer,” or FXEP.

Also, some salons might have services you might not have taken before. You might be offered an “old girl” manicure and a “baby girly” pedicure, but these are really mani-pedis that have come from the unlicensed salon. Make sure you know where your hand comes into play when you’re getting your nails and hair done, and make sure to ask where your nail file comes from. If you’ve never taken it from your own hand, it might not come from a hygienic salon.

How often do your nails get manicured?

You can opt to have your nails done twice a week, but some salons might charge more for a more “relaxed” manicure, and if you have a busy schedule, you may want to schedule more than two treatments in a week. If you schedule more than two treatments, be sure to check the menu (e.g., manicure for one week, pedicure for five, etc.) and make sure you order one more manicure or pedicure than you originally planned.

And if you’re looking to save some money, remember that some salons, especially newer ones, offer a bigger range of manicures and pedicures and sometimes offer extra or discounted services if you pay with cash.

How clean are your nails?

One of the most common health hazards for a nail salon is the use of chemicals in the nail care tools, including polish remover, thinening particles, pedicure and manicure gels, and nail polish. These chemicals can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in some people, and these reactions could potentially lead to infections. If you’re not 100 percent comfortable using your nail care tools in your own hands, you might want to consider bringing them home or consider taking a pedicure at a new, clean nail salon.