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Why You Should Always Finish With Base Coat

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

The nail polish is one of the most important things you can use on your nails, and not just because it can make or break your manicure. You can rely on the nail polish for overall health of your nails. There are several reasons as to why you should always finish with base coat. Let’s […]

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How Do I Remove My Molars?

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

Whether you’ve been feeling the heat from stressful days or recently felt yourself losing your nail gel manicure, it’s hard to sustain the healthy fingers you work so hard for. When it comes to nails, natural growth patterns are critical, especially during the Winter months, when we can’t get rid of our longest nails. But […]

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Nail Care Treatments For Minimal (Or Every Day) Manicures

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Taja Morita Only you can decide what nail care treatments suit your lifestyle and personal preferences, but there are some basic things you can do to maintain your nails to perfection. Another beauty tip that’s important no matter what you wear is giving your manicures the same polish thickness. This […]

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How to Keep Baby’s Nails Safe

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

You probably know this by now: child care involves doing things that involve nails. And, even though you’re navigating a whole new world of caregiving challenges, you’re still normal and don’t need to be worried about the nail polish in your purse that day. So, here are five easy ways to keep baby’s hands safe […]

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How to Treat Bad-Looking Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

Experts have officially said you should use white polish to create natural-looking nails. You know the drill. A friend’s nails are nice, so you just have to wait until the new year before you buy some white polish to pamper them. I mean, trust me on this: it’s only once a year you can get […]

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10 Things Only Working Mothers Understand

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

From the most important year of your life to not missing out, these facts will remind you of why the best years of your life come after the menopause. The physical process of menopause (not to be confused with the loss of oestrogen) makes men less physically and mentally agile, leaving them feeling dejected and […]

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How to Prevent Damage To Your Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 9, 2019

When nails are long, they’re gorgeous and minimalist. But the ones that are long at the beginning of the season are often unsightly, because the nail polish often fades and oxidizes due to naturally applied oil, food, and sweat. When it comes to keeping your nail length natural, use these six tips from Maria Oudon, […]

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Here’s A Simple Habit That Will Enhance Your Beauty Without Spending A Tiny Bit

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 8, 2019

As the seasons change, so do the nails you put on your fingers. Some nails are a pleasure to touch and others are veritable torture, depending on the artist and even the circumstance. Although there are people who use fancy tools to create and maintain their nails, you don’t need to spend more than $10 […]

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Dr. K’s Nail Problems

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 8, 2019

Ah, nature — it brings us all so much beauty, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. When the weather gets warm and our manicures start to turn yellow, it’s not a smooth ride. But hey, all is not lost. As does the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” With that […]

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I Got Your Nail Treat: A Toxin-Free Miracle

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • December 8, 2019

Image Source: Thinkstock Nails are the most sensitive part of your body when it comes to your overall health, and natural and organic products have become more of a must for a healthy outlook on your toenails. They contain over 200 minerals that aid the body to repair itself, aid in preventing diseases, and the […]