Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails are a huge deal to get right. They don’t just keep our hands looking chic or neat — their overall care is highly important and can even impact how the rest of the world sees us.

Is it time to invest in this manicure for the ultimate in simple yet beautiful nails? Your nails are about to get some serious care, with tips you’ll need for a super-professional look. That’s where the Maslow Manicure comes in.

With all these super fancy tools, the Maslow Manicure is one of the most expensive DIY manicures. Find out the one nail care tip that’s the key to a perfectly manicured mani without breaking the bank.


It seems we are always on edge about water and breakouts, but getting water out of your skin and onto your nails is another way to treat nicks and cuticles with the Maslow Manicure.

Step One

Wash your hands, then use very cold, soapy water to gently rub them off. Hold the water to your nails and hold them to the side as well to help the water rinse the nail cells.

Step Two

Apply the water all over the nail and to the sides to really soak in, so that the moisture and oils settle.

Step Three

Then, gently massage the water all over the nail. Let it dry and then replace the water and apply it to other areas of your nail if needed.

Banishing dry skin

It’s time to do something about dry skin on your nails and cuticles. Apply a drying lotion (we like Dermalogica Flexible Gel) to dry. When the gel is dry, glide a creamy mani primer all over the cuticles. Apply another moisturizing lotion to the dry patches as needed.

The best way to do this is with a gel manicure — the gel forms a barrier between your skin and your nail, keeping it looking good. The plus side is that the gel will stay on your nails longer so you’re not racking up dryness and split ends. And the long-lasting gel may even help prevent breakouts as well, but read about that here.

Waterproof polish

The Maslow Manicure is gorgeous, and the guy with the mask is the best part. But it’s also waterproof — so when it comes time to remove the mask, you’ll have to use a water-resistant nail polish.

Step One

Apply the dry polish all over the nails, pressing them into the polish using a soft-bristled brush.

Step Two

Then, gently remove the mask (without pressing it on your nails) and give the polish a good buff.

Step Three

Just remember — keep the polish on your nails as long as possible! It will last your whole day if you’re good with upkeep.

Get an extra layer of polish

The Maslow Manicure includes a layer of polish — a Pressed Top Coat. This two-layered design makes the entire nail look shiny and adds a little bling.

Step One

Apply the adhesive strip and put the cap on the front of the device and leave the entire acrylic coating on your manicure, for less joint swelling and blood clots.

Step Two

Take the cap off with the adhesive strip and buff.

Step Three

Once the second polish is applied, use the gel to shield it from direct light for a look that’s more matte.

Step Four

Then, take a thin layer of the Pressed Top Coat and dab on it to your nails. Make sure that only one coat is on the nails.


Step Five

Continue polishing as always.

Five more tips

Be sure to remove the water after a while to prevent any unwanted leaks — especially if you live in a humid place.

Not everyone will like wearing the mask, but don’t think you can’t wear it. It keeps nails looking sleek and clean — and, if you’re short on time, you can wear a leather glove to wear it under. Just be aware of where you use the mask. If you wear it around your neck, for example, you’re bound to get lipstick smears and cold burns, respectively.

Use a battery-operated flatiron instead. The mask is heavy and the flatiron can make your nails more flaky.