The Trick to Younger Looking Hands

Age starts to reflect earlier on our hands than on other part of our body, but don’t fret because there is one key to younger looking hands; your nails.

Caring for your hands starts with your nails, and there are many ways to keep hands looking young and supple, one of those is adding regular manicures to your grooming regimen.

Getting regular manicures have great benefits. You’ll get beautiful hang-free nails plus clean and well-moisturized hands. It helps you stay away from dry skin and softens the rough edges of your fingers. This lessens the risk of getting ingrown fingernails which would not only hurt but would definitely make your hands look old.

Women who want to take care of their nails have two choices—either to go to a reputable Nail Salon or depend on amateur treatment.

The Benefits of Going to Nail Salons

Nail Salon professionals are highly trained individuals who know the ins and outs of keeping nails beautiful and healthy. When you get your Manicure from a trustworthy Nail Salon, you can be assured of a satisfactory outcome. Unlike when you let an amateur take a stab on your nails, or try to do them on your own, you wouldn’t know what the result would be. What’s worse is that you can end up damaging your nails, doing more harm than good.

Nail Salons Get You Pampered

The beauty of going to a Nail Salon, besides getting dolled-up nails, is that you can also get extra pampering, like hand cleansing, moisturizing, and a relaxing hand massage. A Nail Salon that wants to protect its reputation will make sure that clients are happy. This means you’ll get more value for your money because a salon’s main priority would be to customer satisfaction.

Nail Salons Have Plenty of Options for You

A professional Nail Salon is well-equipped with a wide variety of polishes and other products for you to choose from. Your nail technician would be able to assess the health of your nails and recommend products, like moisturizers and hand creams that would be suited for you.

They would also have different services besides basic nail cleaning. Whether you just want nail polish or you fancy getting nail extensions, your Nail Salon should be able to provide those services for you.

What You Should Be Looking for In a Nail Salon?

  1. Nail Salon License The International Pedicure Association (IPA) suggests that a Nail Salon’s license should be displayed. This would be an indication that a nail establishment meets the hygiene standards required for them to operate. It would also assure customers that their nail technicians have proper training and are knowledgeable in their trade.
  2. A Clean Interior – If you walk into a dirty Nail Salon, I’d say…run!

A Nail Salon’s interior is a representation of its overall attitude towards hygiene. If they can’t keep their salon clean, how much more their nail equipment?

Take a close look at their linens and Manicure tools. A single sign of rust should keep you away from getting your nails done there. A Nail Salon should give off a relaxed ambiance; not make you anxious for your fingernails’ safety.

You can ask your nail tech if they disinfect their tools. To avoid the transfer of any disease, Manicure tools should be disinfected and sterilized regularly.

  1. No Cuticle Trimming – Any licensed Nail Salon would stay away from trimming cuticles. Your cuticles play a big role in keeping your nail bed healthy. To avoid infection your nail tech should not trim them off.

Enhance Your Hands’ Beauty

Your nails don’t just protect your fingers, they can also enhance your hand’s beauty. Don’t overuse and abuse them, avoid soaking them in harsh chemicals, and wear gloves if you have to.

If you haven’t booked your next nail appointment yet, I suggest that you schedule one soon because having pretty nails brings you one step closer to having pretty hands.