Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

When it comes to looking great, it’s always been our goal to look our best when we’re on the go. But taking good care of your body involves more than just exercise and eating right. It also means making sure that your nails aren’t in bad shape all the time. Nails are a place where the body is showing off its strength, which means we should be doing the same. Nail strength can help you look your best on your best days, so it’s crucial to take care of your nails every day. That means doing them at the same time every day. Here are some tips on how to get strong, healthy nails.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Nails are made of a lot of skin, including the tiny pads under the knuckles that are covered in the nails themselves. If you don’t take care of them, the pads can be extremely dry, leaving you with very weak nails that will fall off easily and won’t look as polished. Drink plenty of water, whether that means drinking water every day or just drinking plenty of ounces on the days when you haven’t been able to. If you don’t, be sure to incorporate some at the gym — your sweating puts so much pressure on your nails. Try to get your drinking habits in balance, and remember to squeeze in some afternoon naps too to keep your energy up.


Never Lose Your Moisturizer

Nails that are feeling depleted from drying out and lack of hydration won’t look as strong as those that are properly hydrated. Opt for dry shampoo once a week to add a boost of moisture to the rest of your body, including your nails. Even if you don’t take care of your skin, your feet benefit from regular moisture and replenishment. Keep a bottle of moisturizer on hand in case you’re feeling dry and need a quick breath of air.

Wash Twice a Day

It’s a common assumption that you have to be in the sun to make your nails healthy. But the sun isn’t the only way you can give your nails a boost. You can use just as many healthy ingredients to hydrate your nails as you do your face, such as cucumber, olive oil, and green tea. The oils work as hydrators, and also help to hold the topcoat on your fingertips, protecting your nails from getting cut. Layer your salad with a little cucumber for an easy and healthy way to be properly nourished throughout the day.

Keep your Color Changing

Nothing can make you look slimmer like visible nail growth, so being able to match your nail polish to your clothes is an easy way to make sure that your nails look as healthy as possible all the time. A typical grown-up nail polish color should last at least one season and can range from browns and tans to neutrals and pastels, so keep these tips in mind when filling out your closet.