Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Whether it’s time for the new mani of the year or just a change of season, your nails might look a little rough and shiny. If they look dull, try these tips for healthy nails.

Soothe Dry Nails

To keep nails healthy, concentrate on the tips of your nails.

1. Don’t brush, cut, or relax your nails for more than two minutes.

2. If you have a stubby nail, use baking soda or white vinegar instead of acetone.

3. If you’re a woman, cut the ends off with a pair of scissors.

4. Change your nail polish often so it sinks in.

5. Soften your talons with tap water before painting them.

Apply Healthy Oil

Apply oils on the tips of your nails or under your nails to give the finish shine. Oils such as coconut oil and jojoba oil strengthen the nail plate so nails stick to nails.

Your nails will actually need some cleaning to give your polish a solid base.

Apply a remover to remover dirt and leftover polish from the day before. When your nails are clean, coat them with oil or polish remover again.

After coating your nails, leave them for two hours before using the brush, to get a nice crisp finish. After this amount of time, your nail polish will fade.

Other Nuances

Your nails and your fingers are the sensory window of the body. Just like the nose can pick up smells and taste, so can your nails.

Sometimes, you can even smell what someone is cooking in the kitchen, or you can see what color they’re wearing. It’s wonderful.

If you notice that your nail color will eventually fade, such as if it gets deeper and you can’t touch them easily, you can buy a protective oil spray.

While you’re getting your oil spray on, focus on some of the specific needs of your finger and nail, such as normal amount of color, color and length, dead skin, and herringbone and carotid tissue.