Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Before you know it, your fingernails are a permanent reminder of that moment your heart went out to Leo. If a polish job works for Leo, it’ll surely work for you, too. We consulted nail art pros for their top tips on how to keep them looking their prettiest for a long time.

Time Your Applying

“If you are applying a polish job that needs to be on your nails for a few hours, apply it during daylight hours or night,” said Gabriella Mazzochi, svp of studios and creative at polish developer Juicy Couture. She also cautions against using an autoload bottle that activates in the dark. Just be sure to run a light over it before applying.

Make Sure to Overdo It

While many of us are guilty of finishing a polish job rather than soaking it in, manicurist Michelle Wong of Muchmore Nails recommends soaking it until it’s dry on your nails. “Not only will this give you excellent polish, but it will also take some stress out of your nail,” she said.


Keep Your Hands Off

“Use a polishing brush or deep clean, paper-lined bowl to wipe off polish and polish remover off nail bed,” said Bernadette Lee, Esq., wellness coach and founder of Zen Things You Can Do. “Getting good nail beds is essential to maintaining long, healthy nails.”

Apply the Best (Or Most) Material

“Lipglass or paper-wrapped aluminum oxide enamel is guaranteed to stay long on your finger or toenail,” said Jéssie Maternaci, manicurist and director of room-decor organization at Pure Lab Nails. “For flawless glass finish, seal with sterile water and a hot non-aerosol wipe.”

Fill Up the Volume

“Having cold polish will lessen the life span of your polishes,” said nail stylist Rachel Eisen, but “iHeated polishes will give your nails more body and longevity.” She also recommends keeping gel-polishes longer to avoid the risk of wear and tear. “While no two nails are alike, the formula will have the same density.”

There’s nothing a nail polish can’t survive (even if we think they are pretty fragile!), and our tips will help you stay on top of the trends while creating a perfectly matched manicure that looks great in your next event or party.

— Alexandra Wheeland