Model’s Nail Art Inspiration Adeola Adekoya

We love it when we see awesome Nail Art and accessories from celebrities and Instagram influencers alike. And, let’s be honest, they’re very relatable celebrities. There are lots of people with great Nail Art, but very few get the timing and the look just right. So who gets our attention most besides Cara Delevingne? Model Adeola Adekoya. And if you love her tattoos, you definitely owe her a follow.

After the blonde beauty of Instagram posted a snap of her intricate Nail Art on Oct. 11, her nearly half-million followers couldn’t help but swoon. The jewels, which Adekoya painted onto the tip of each nail, are totally on-point. “Natural acrylic” was one of her hashtags, which shows how on-point she is. It’s what you’d expect from the model.

Despite a double whammy of elbow tattoos, Adekoya is a brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty. From Aaliyah to Rihanna, she’s a little on the exotic side, but she’s full of character with her plump lips, as well as her edgy and wild Nail Art.


Behold, some of her most dramatic Nail Art moments — and look at how great these colors look against her skin tone. Ahead, see 18 of her top Nail Art pictures from the past few weeks!