It’s not just mid-October that marks time to get glammed up for parties, so it’s no surprise that the nail polish shades we have been flocking to are keeping us cozying up to more cozy by the month. We’ve been flocking to brighter colors that align with the bright, Fall themes we’re currently experiencing, so the buzz around Gradient Nails is absolutely warranted. In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, celebrity manicurist Rojas Fernando revealed that she’s creating nail designs that get “tender, earthy and almost ethereal,” which when paired with an eternal Summer body color (such as her candy-pink or orange-red Suede & Leopard) can set off an ethereal glow.

A color finish that lasts all day adds even more appeal to these glowing nails, and when paired with an occasion, Fernando was able to work with clients to create additional makeup to complete the look. In one of her clients’ cases, Fernando used a statement eye liner along the fingertips and along the outsides of the nails to create a super-cute gradient.

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