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By helping us choose the right color for our fingers, polish companies are marketing their products to consumers as an easy solution for depression, depression disorder, OCD, panic attacks and any other chemical-related issues you have in your life.

Such color-related products have certainly enhanced the lives of many women, especially those who have bad skin, and whose fingers aren’t as pretty as they might look when they wear jewel-toned enamel.

But do these convenient stains really work? This is the question I pose to the nail polish specialists who I regularly contact to ascertain their opinions.

At first glance, you could say that there is little in terms of truth in advertising regarding color-related nail polish and its effects. A pair of fingers does not have the same type of color or pigment that a nail has, nor does a nail have similar skin or nail conditions that a person’s fingers might have.

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However, there is a perfectly good reason why little Blue would help ward off bouts of depression like I have been suffering through. For the past 20 years, many psychotherapists have recommended the color Blue to their patients suffering from acute depression because it reflects well on skin, bone and tissue and can be applied directly to the skin to promote blood flow to the area.

Similarly, the colors Blue and Stone are to help promote blood flow and therefore be effective for people with similar skin and nail conditions, like Blue has been used for the past 20 years.

The problem with Coloring Nails?

Falling into the trap of coloring a manicure with shades of different shades of blue, Purple, Violets, Greens and Colors, I’ve sometimes enjoyed buying coloring nail polish, but had to find better ones due to serious emotional pain or lack of confidence.

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Unfortunately, one cannot prevent others from picking out colors that are not appropriate or that they don’t find attractive for a person suffering from certain chemical issues.

This was certainly the case when a co-worker of mine left the same mani-pedi to me after complimenting the colors of the women who arrived ahead of her in the group. The color in their hands was blues, greens and purples. They’d even brought a few magazines, so I assumed that they used the color to relax their necks for relaxation after their day had taken its toll.

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On the contrary, they seemed quite distressed and they were clearly blaming their nails as the reason for their misery. The color, I was told, either reminds them of their parents or the things that went wrong in their lives. Or the color could symbolize dreams they have started to fear or things that continue to haunt them.

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I simply did not understand it. When I was young, I can remember how my dad would paint my toes in different hues of Blue, Purple and other colors so that he could encourage me to dance and cheer me up when he was away from home.

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Apparently, it just came naturally to those women. I didn’t know if their experience of adulthood was related to their terrible nail-color habits.

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Therefore, I decided to investigate with a group of women who are also suffering from chemical-related issues. In this video, you will have an interesting experience as you can see the beauty of the blue-green-green color to be applied directly on your hair and skin.

The effects of Colors on Your Skin

It was wonderful to see the amazingly long-lasting effects that various colors have on skin. For instance, most of the ladies who participated in this video were shocked to see how the colors of different shades of Blue, Grey, Purple, Orange, Pinks and others were just to use this as a means of relieving their stress and anxiety.

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Eventually, I was able to find a company that is a source of good quality polishes that will work for my nail manicure, specifically for women suffering from chemical-related issues, and I thank my next-door neighbor for coming in this line of work.

I really believe that women really need to carry out more research on these treatments as they are quite effective.