Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Looking for the perfect nail salon that fits your needs? From the most knowledgeable to the best of the best, we rounded up top tips to finding the perfect salon.

Meet your nail artist on the phone!

All nail artists have their own special skills and techniques to take care of your nails, and it’s important to have your nails professionally tended to while you have questions or concerns. If you’re unsure as to which stylist will help, try one out first by having them sit and explain their work.

Have a special request? Let them know!

It’s important to be transparent about what kind of nails you’re looking for and what kind of conditions you want to be subjected to. If you’re pretty sure you want a perfect salon, tell them as much so they can tailor the treatment to your needs.

Use nail art on a first date? A fancy date would look great

If you’re more into a super cute manicure with perfect colours and perfect cuticle dye that will reflect into your wine glass, don’t look for a manicure that’s going to take too long. Best to save yourself time and hassle for a first date when you know you’ll get a nice manicure.

Be ready with a good pair of shoes for your feet

We have spent time on how the proper shape of the nails are important. But once you’ve made sure it’s a perfect fit, you’ll have to think about what kind of shoes you’ll need to wear the nails with. Think about how comfortable you’re going to be sitting in that chair and which stilettos are the perfect style to sport your custom nails. You can always add a pair of heels later, when you’ve got the luxury of picking the shoes from your dressing room.

Having a beautiful nail look will appeal to your partner

As much as your nails may look amazing on their own, a nail shop with a lovely look will really bring out your nails. Think about someone you like and be sure to get them a gorgeous pair of hands.