Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

A fitness magazine favorite that typically has an entire issue dedicated to healthy nails, this issue also tips a few important accessories to ensure you nail it when it comes to your manicure. How are we supposed to resist biting, or going to such extremes like splitting your nail during lunch, if we’re constantly on the go? Diet culture needs to embrace balance: stay focused and reach your goals without worrying about what you’re putting on your digits. With a manicure as important as the rest of your wardrobe, how can you stick to the script? Here’s how you can nail it at home:

Try different polish colors to see if they best compliment your nails.

Make sure you’re wearing something that you love before you begin to nail your manicure.

Use a color guard, which is a method of applying a color to your nail to bring out other colors. Make sure you can always see the other colors and not simply your nail.

Stop biting your nails. There is no such thing as a healthy habit. So, stop biting your nails and love your fingertips like you’re a VIP.

Measure and align with your artistry before you use any polish or a polish brush.

Don’t worry about perfection, try something new. Nails have a life of their own and it’s time to stop worrying about perfection!

Ban scissors from your home. We hate having to spend a ton of money on equipment when you don’t actually need the scissors.