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Nail art definitely comes with a lasting impression that is hard to undo and reverse. And, by the way, many people can’t fully enjoy their nails either. But how well do you wear out the last couple of weeks or month with a healthy manicure or pedicure?

I got lucky and got a 10 week mani and pedicure from Pedis in Amsterdam. After 9 weeks of services, I feel more refreshed than I ever did before and in good shape. Pedis does very professional and beautiful hands and toes on my hands with care and attention. I wasn’t expecting great things from my manicure or pedicure, but I knew I was going to be fine.

This fall, I’m going to get some more care in my nails while the Fall season is here. I’m going to have my first ever lacquered-flosses on my nails every month for the rest of the year with a party to celebrate my new manicure or pedicure. I also have finally gotten over my reticules so I will have a full set next year and people will stop asking me “are you wearing that waterboard?” which a lot of people ask me all the time. I’m also going to bring my kid to my manicure so he gets to see his baby sister in a romantic setting.

1. Avoid oil stains and smelly nail art

It is just not worth it to get an under the nails mess every single time you get your manicure or pedicure. There are so many odor-prone products on the market, such as thong lotion, teabags and grease from body lotions, eye shows, cologne and other ingredients in lotions. I can’t help myself from carrying these dirty products all over my entire body. If I can go to the store without them, why should anyone else have to? Most people think that a jolly pedicure must smell good to get a smooth, shiny and pain-free manicure. This is simply not true. What really makes a pedicure gel-top is the fact that a lot of certified professionals actually use only a plastic baking sheet with crushed up aluminum cans inside of it. The oil that people use to make their oils dies quickly, goes straight into the glue or glue, and prevents the polish from being even properly applied.

2. Tell your salon what you like

Your favorite things before your manicure or pedicure are the ones that can be easily painted on your nails instead of more toxic polish: dots on your natural nails (on the underside of the nail) to reflect the light; flying stars on your own natural hand that are actually lower than you can see it in the naked eye; or squiggles around the edges of your natural fingers. In my case, I rarely actually have these unique items on my fingertips. I love my natural nails, so it seems unnecessary to get them painted and we have fun with that.

3. It’s not a drain on your budget

OK, I get it, your manicure or pedicure is a little more expensive than a manicure at my local nail salon or bathtub wax and waxing service or manicure at a wedding or a family portrait shoot. But you still get the same high quality polish as you would if you just bought it there. Don’t overlook this option if you’re not in the mood to spend thousands on manicures.

4. Take all of your services into consideration

It will also help your nail care routine to stay in tune with the services you are using and the time of the day. Most people want their manicures done after work, mid-week, or if they just want to have your nails done in front of you on Sunday afternoon. If I am going to get my manicure and pedicure done the night before (and my son in the car with me), I will go for a salon that can handle my call while I put my children to bed. Or if I go to the office of my trusted manicurist, I can find a colleague with the same job as me who has the time. I might as well get my nails done before I get out of the house to fit in my work schedule. So, don’t get frustrated when you can’t afford your manicure or pedicure. Ask your favorite salon for a good price.

5. When friends and family complain, tell them you really need them

If any of my family or friends ask me how much my manicure or pedicure cost, I can’t help but crack up with them. I know that everybody wants me to get my nails done, especially around holidays when they want me to look perfect. I cannot complain since they know I am not great with scales and I need a blow dryer. However, it’s important to realize that if my friends know I can’t afford a manicure or pedicure, they are usually being greedy and not really friendly with me. Instead of judging me, they can encourage me to start finding good deals.

I have done several option crises in my life, and I have found out that complaining on the phone about how much it cost or whether you actually need anything is the ultimate way to manipulate people, especially parents. Even my mom feels the need to put on a show and give me lavish gifts as her way of consolation. It’s dangerous to use this as a way to manage your behavior.

A little sense of compassion might result in them wanting to help a family member. I did it the other day after one of my close friends told me the cost of my high heels. “What are you going to do about those when you get home?” she asked. I h to work some magic on her and suggested that my friend actually know how much it would cost me to get another pedicure with the right professional and get my nails painted for a special occasion. Since she had already checked out my experience at a salon in Costa Mesa, California, she agreed to give me a little more. Her mom was probably foolish to even think about the cost, but she too is worthy of respect and understanding.

If you are one of those people who just does not understand or doesn’t want to make the effort to get your nails done, listen up because my wise words are going to help you find a good deal on your next manicure or pedicure — the day after when you need it.

The Elysian is a luxury-modern boutique in the heart of Houston. Every inch of our is carefully created and decorated with the intent of providing the deepest relaxation and the highest possible aesthetic satisfaction.

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