Non-Toxic Nail Salon

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Our Favorite Brand of Nail Polish, Hair Salon, Nail Nails and More

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

More and more women are heading to the Nail Salon for at least one standard mani every year, and part of the pleasure for them is choosing the right spot. Whether they go for the Manicure or Pedicure, the comfort factor of receiving a good service can be quite remarkable. But given the fact that […]

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How to Stop Nail Biting in Teens

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

As the little kids move into their teen years, they become hungrier and more competitive. But it seems like you can never tell when they’re biting their nails, or if they are. If you have experienced their nail biting, you know that it can be annoying. If this sounds like you, here are three ways […]

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What to Do When You Bitten Your Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

So You’re Stressed Out, Trying to Stay Calm, and You Find Yourself Staring at a Wall . . . And Your Nails Are Frazzled and Varnished! What to Do? It’s pretty much unavoidable when you’re stressed — a more stressful environment leads to less sleep, impaired thought process, and more frustration and negative emotions. The […]

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How To Cut Baby’s Nails One By One

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

Just kidding. Let’s not. Here’s a helpful guide to how to do baby’s nails. When it comes to trimming nails, wisdom is known to be plentiful — but your fingers are short on that wisdom. Stay free of all fixations on the sharp edge of the scalpel, though: Instead, concentrate on the soft spots, such […]

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How to Cut Cats Nails With Tools

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

How To Cut Your Cat’s Nails (And What To Leave Out) You can draw your own conclusions, but do you actually know what to do with your cat’s nails? Curious to know how it all goes down? Find out below! 1. “Look” I can hear you saying, “Why on earth would you do that? Why […]

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Ten Tips to Take Good Care of Your Nails

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

Image Source: Getty / Julie Snook For the past two years, I’ve taken a wellness care approach to my life, switching from cigarettes and alcohol to (swimmy) healthy food and yoga. As my life evolved, my nail-care routine changed too, switching to manicures that focus on strengthening my nails instead of removing dead skin and […]

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How Long Will My Nails Grow in at Home?

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

If you’re a nail technician or certified manicurist, you can probably tell you how long your clippers take to get through most of the nails you’re used to on the professional floor — and even how long your minis take to fade — but what most DIY Nail Salon gurus don’t know is how much […]

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How to Get Nail Art for Work

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Keaton Valadez In just three short weeks, I will see you, the nail artist, in the office! If you’ll forgive me, I am super excited about the new year! I can’t wait to get to know you better, and for me, that means seeing each other’s work every day! But […]

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How To Have Perfect Nails For Anything At All

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

When you’re going out to eat or drinking to celebrate a happy occasion, you probably want to keep your nails looking fantastic. We’re going to show you the best in Nail Art and design. Some great tips include using nail lacquer, alternative nail polish paints, shaped tools and making homemade Nail Art. Just remember that […]

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Here Are The 14 Best Nail Styles To Hit Any Style

by The Elysian Boutique Heights • January 29, 2020

Entertaining, dating and, let’s be honest, everyday life are all about making our fingers feel pretty and airy. Whether you like the look of a smoky, studded polish or bold and colorful cuticles, there are nail trends that can have you working it on a night out. Related: 10 Tips to ‘Nail It’ and Style […]