Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Being a nail artist can be a pleasure, but some days are just plain hard. Sure, there are quick fixes for pretty much any beauty itch, but when your nails start looking manky (clogged, cracked, worn), it can be tough to reach out and pry them back into their former shape. To help you maintain your adorable digits this year, we’ve pulled together our top tips for keeping your nails looking sexy, airbrushed, and fully confident.

Reverse How You Care For Your Nails

Now you don’t have to sacrifice your fun, youthful fingertips in order to keep your nails clean and healthy. Instead, stick to a few simple tricks to keep your nails looking fresh and ready for whatever you do.

Find Your Action!

A short and intense manicure often reveals dead, dull nails that might suffer a bout of ingrowns or damage. Time your treatment to when your nails grow back and act early for optimum results. Once you know when your nails are full of color, the first step is the most important; nail polish is the most affordable way to work in deep, suave layers. If you want to give your nails full polish protection, choose a tip ($35-50) that’s not meant to layer. You can break the habit of stretching your nails to paint your nails with a new set of nails by using a reverse polish ($30-50). This allows for the paint to move back and forth and prevents the nail polish from drying too fast.

Keep It Short and Simple

If your cuticles are feeling fragile, follow up your manicure with an argan oil cream ($22-30) to seal them back into their natural state, instead of letting the environment withenicks them to open up.

Bonus Tip: When you have extra time to go through your manicure, it’s always a good idea to polish your tips off so your nail polish hangs and stays nice and smooth.

Skip the Towel, Nail Streaks, and Icy Silicone Wax

If you’re skimping on the wax and want a custom-sized polish instead, start by shampooing and moisturizing your nails, so they are sufficiently hydrated and repairable. Focus on the cuticle by removing dead skin and picking at the creases. Then, apply a top coat to shield against UV rays. Wax is dehydrating and may cause more damage than you initially thought. Shave a layer of wax off when it starts to get really dry, because peeling will do more damage than just the smell.