Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

You call them “the manicures of women.” Those late night bathroom trips might be called for, though, if you happen to be the type of guy who leaves the nail bar with dirty, sticky fingers. These are the five most common nail-cutting mistakes men make while getting their mani. Here’s how to avoid it.

Cleaning Your Hands

According to male manicurist and podiatrist Jamie Greene, cleaning your hands before you cut your nails is a no-no. “Unfortunately, many men have the idea that using a brush may speed up the cutting process. However, they must be ready for a nail cutter and fully dry before using a manual manicure.”

Arming Your Nails With a Cake Cutter

This fun kid game only serves to mess up the color of your nail. “Usually, most people don’t realize that they’re about to have a short, sharp slice, and they don’t want to mess up the color they’re about to apply,” Greene said. “A knife is the best way to go, and you shouldn’t overfill the nail cutting zone, because small cuts can be devastating to color.”


Using Your Hands as a Hook

The one time guys can really get away with using their hands for a nail cut, it has to be the trick to making the cut look sharp.

Conceding the Space Between Lekski and the Fingers

Some guys have a tendency to settle into the nails. That’s why it’s important to get the nails in an ideal position for you and your man. “This will give the new cut the opportunity to grow without complications,” Greene says.

Murdering Your Nails

If you cut at a snail’s pace, it may look bad. Here’s what Greene says: “Each time you cut off the nail, it will have to repeat its division, making the nail very flat at the end and thin at the beginning. So cut as fast as you can. Cutting is like turning a screw. It requires precision and patience, and that is tough when your fingers are so small.”

Getting Rid of Your Manicure Almost Immediately

According to Greene, this is usually a mistake. “Whether it’s because your condition is inconsistent or your schedule is too hectic, you should wait one day.” Don’t, though, put your foot in your mouth and skip on your manicure the next day. So if you’re nailing in on Jan. 29, save yourself from it looking a mess three days later. “Shake it off if you’re not happy, and then when you’re ready, bring your nails in again,” Greene recommends.