Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

If your nails look past their prime, you’re not alone. Find out why, how to get them to grow back quickly and keep them looking nice.

Did you know it takes longer to grow nails than your body should allow? Yes, since there’s always room for a few areas to get shorter or shorter, that’s why your nails can look a little flabby compared to other people’s.

According to Lisa Harnisch, owner of Lisa Harnisch Manicure, your nails can become shorter or “lighter” by trimming back nails, skin, or squeezing them too hard. Often times, when you do your best to fix your bare nails, your nail growth becomes significantly slower. That’s when I recommend you try some of these tips to make your nails grow longer again:


1. Your Nails Should Get 5 to 6 Weeks Long

My favorite trick is to give my nails about 5-6 weeks to grow before plucking them. I’m a huge fan of not tying my nails too tight and keep them very loose. Try finding a wonderful nail polish. You never know how your nail polish may change your skin, so let the polish do it’s own work! You have to make a full-time commitment to the trend. Before you keep plucking and plucking and plucking, you need to take the time to get your nails with longevity.

2. Have Your Mother/Nail Specialist Wax Your Nails

As a mom with busy nail jobs, I recommend that you do some waxing to extend your nails, especially as your nails get shorter or lighter. Massaging your nail grows up the nail bed, and then you don’t have to worry about scratching your nail bed with your nails. Instead, treat your fingernails gently. Massage your nails with products that help your nails re-grow from the day that you were born.

3. Use Sponges Instead of Nails

Sponges are great if you notice areas on your nail where it does not move. Sponges help your cuticles to heal on your nails, making them appear longer and happier. Sponges take two to three days to get them to re-grow, so you don’t have to stress. There are a number of crayons that help them with lengthening as well. You can add them to a flat surface to make sure they look healthy.

4. Try Tight Nails

It makes your nails look pretty, and long, and not scary. Try finding a creamy product that helps your nail grow longer. I personally love Du-se Mascara ($9.95), which helps line the entire nail, giving your nail an even outer look. Your cuticles and your nail shape should look beautiful.

5. Pair With a Brassy Lip

What color match would you choose for your fingers and toes? Lips are trending recently, and lips and nails are also in. This translates to using an acidic lip product to make sure your nails will grow like the rest of your skin and hair. It also makes them look bold. Because your nails are growing new and new, different options will be revealed to you. You’ll be able to figure out what works for you.

6. Don’t Squeeze Nails, Cut Your Nails!

Some people get so busy they may forget to let their nails dry! I recommend leaving your nails on for at least 2-3 days so they have the time to grow. Do not hold any sharp objects near your nails, nor feel pressure from your nail gear, and let your nails dry overnight and your polish be visible. The more time you leave your nails, the more vibrant you’ll be.

7. Use Dr. Oetker Colossal Feline nails. They are a combination of polishes that vary in color and size to feel nice on your nails. These polishes will give you longer and fuller nails with just a little bit of adhesive.

8. If You Plan to Extensions, Have Them Go Under UV Light

We didn’t talk about sun rays, but this is a simple trick to prevent nails from fading. Hold a UV light over your feet, about 5 feet away from your nails, and have it shining for one hour. You should feel the sun rays going on your skin, plus you’ll begin to feel the discoloration on your nails. Then give them a rest.

9. Use 20 Minutes a Day as Withhandling Footwear

When you are traveling, or busy at work, it’s easy to forget to take a little break and prepare your feet to play. Make sure you use your mind to take time to gently unwind your toenails. Some people choose to do tiny toenails in the nude polish trend.

10. Use Nail Oil

If you prefer a moisturizing formula, try