Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

The holidays are here, and as is the fashion of the year, it’s time to get the party started with beautiful fresh nails. Luckily, the only thing that needs to go into place is some proper care at home. If your nails are bumpy or don’t look their best, let this remedy do the heavy lifting. There’s nothing like a little polish remover left on your toenails during the day, as it does wonders to give your digits that gleaming sheen and a tipier hold. Besides, who wouldn’t want red-hot red tips at a time like this?

Honestly, the best thing about this home remedy is that you can easily make it ahead of time — it’s simple, tasteful, and amazingly effective. This step-by-step guide to taking care of your toenails with a home remedy comes courtesy of Kristen Yang, the nail expert and founder of Collab Nails. Want proof? Here are some of her step-by-step instructions for use at home, so you can get started now.

1. Begin with a clean toenail basin. The best place to scrub toenails is on a damp toenail basin or ice cube tray. This will encourage the nail to absorb the polish remover, further loosening it and allowing it to penetrate further and faster.

Keep reading for the specifics on how to make this home remedy happen.


2. Leave out your base coat for 15 minutes.

After you’ve left your base coat on, get out a small bowl of one tablespoon of bleach to coat your fingertips.

3. Dip your nails into the bleach, slowly moving them around with a sturdy pair of tweezers. Be very careful to allow your nails to dry on all sides — only dip it into the bleach one time, and do not let the base coat of your base coat touch it. Once it’s dry, rub it off with the sink.

4. To apply polish remover, you will need two fingers.

Squeeze some remover on your fingertips, be careful to not crack the cotton ball to make removal easier. Attach it to your base coat with some good quality twine.

Apply to all four corners of your nails, using a small amount of nail polish remover on the end of the nail. Make sure to use another small amount, but don’t overdo it. Leave them to dry.

5. To remove nail polish, you can either:

Apply a polish remover directly to the nail bed. This will allow it to absorb more efficiently and help to completely remove the nail polish from all four corners of your nail.

Massage your hands in order to remove the topcoat. This will dislodge any overlying nail polish.

Drain the mixture using the sink.

6. If you need more than one application, repeat the process.

Finish by smoothing out your toenails and letting them dry a few hours.

6. Do this all three times.