Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

The best part about an endless winter of bare, barely visible nails? Not having to worry about them looking anything less than flawless come Spring. Never let your nails slide again with these simple tips for freshly manicured nails.

1. Start Week 1 As Prepared As You Can

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a pedicure to show off your new manicure. Proper prep is an important part of your manicure experience. If you’re going to bed in the morning, prepare with a nail color that’s neutral, such as nude or peachy. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some gloss into your manicure, as this will help you feel as though you’re wearing a more permanent manicure as opposed to just a gel polish.

2. Try a Semi-Permanent Manicure

You can create a permanent manicure by using gel polish, however, semi-permanent is the perfect way to show off your new color and find out how it looks without the expensive purchase.


3. Get a Royal Blue Polish

A royal blue polish will make your nails look perfect. Blue gel nail polish is one of the easiest shades to apply, and you can pop off the top coat right after your manicure so you can walk around with your beautiful nail art!

4. Mask Your Nails

Just like a massage, the spa allows you to mask your nails! Apply a gel polish to the gel nails and use a flexible tissue to create a mask for an hour. After your manicure is complete, remove the gel polish, and reapply the flexible tissue for another 30 minutes.

5. Paint on Some Cover-Up

If you have dark colors on your nails, you should always use a white polish before you pick your nail color. White will always be on trend, making your nail color last longer.

6. Use a Comb to Secure Any Pieces of Nail

If you experience any small pieces of nail on your manicure, you can use a comb to secure them. You can use a little twistpin or a heavy-duty iron brush.

7. Find a Color for Your Skin Tone

The color you choose depends on your skin tone, but for white nails, peach is the number one color. If you have cool-colored nails, however, you’ll probably want to make your nails taupe.

8. Get the Temperature Right

Some natural nail care products have been proven to be beneficial for your manicure, but they can be a little too harsh on your nails. Instead, use some essential oils like jasmine and thyme to help your nails recover from any heat.

9. Follow a Formula

There are a few specific nail care formulas that you can follow. If you’re starting with a gel color, you can use Colour Nail Enamel, which will stain your nails to a soft, almost clear texture. A strong gel color such as Serenity is also a great choice as it will last longer and won’t fade as easily. For a more traditional look, try a wax or a silky base coat.

10. Apply Bling

Just because you don’t have expensive salon treatments doesn’t mean you can’t get diamond polish to jazz up your nails. There are also nail polish binders that are easy to apply and can be applied yourself at home!