Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Nails form naturally in cats, so it’s no surprise that as they grow, they’re not yet cut to the standard width that we all recognize. As an adult, you may need to trim the nails from a feline in their sixties or older because his or her nails aren’t actually growing at all any more. That’s when you’ll need to know how to do this. Before clipping, make sure you pick up a sharp knife, as both shavings and excess nail grows out of a cat’s claws. Hint: when you use a sharp knife, don’t use very sharp blades. They will break easily. Use your index finger to make a cut as close to the nail as possible, as it won’t leave residue underneath where we usually have to start shavings.

Once you have a good cut, you can trim the tip, followed by the rest of the nails. Ensure that when you do this, you grab the whole nail as close to the toes as possible — I find that the edges are more sturdy when they’re close to the body, but they look clean when slightly farther out. And if your cat is a big ol’ cat (at least 4 feet), you’ll need to shave as much skin off of their “toes” as possible, as these pads are the next few feet down. This means you can hold your phone out from your cat at chest level, or you can simply pin him to a stair or counter at a 45-degree angle.

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