Best Non Toxic Nail Salon in Houston

Feeling the burn? Being a busy new mom, it’s probably unavoidable. Luckily for you, your nails are simply growing longer by the second, and they’re ever so more effortless than ever, thanks to new, twist-free technology.

Most nail salon professionals recommend keeping your nails painted in a primer for three to six months to stimulate them to grow naturally. But, what if your nails just won’t grow the traditional way? That’s why you need some expert help when it comes to getting a natural, nails-long look.

I spoke with Dr. Zeea Tulin, clinical associate professor of dermatology at UCLA and past editor-in-chief of BeautyNails Magazine, about some top tips for those needing little else than a manicure or pedicure, and she offered some stellar techniques that will not only help your nails grow, but also prevent breakage and brittle nails.


1. Use the Nailbrush Before You Finish Nail Art

Allergies to nail glue are bad enough when used directly on your nails, but let’s face it, many nail artists can use nail polish remover to seal nail art or nail polishes. But, even though nail polish remover is formulated to do exactly that, there are times when it can scratch or chip delicate nails. Instead, let your own nail polish remover and nail art brushes cool on the counter until they’ve been thoroughly dry. This will allow them to fully dry before they’re applied to the nail.

2. You Don’t Need to Clean Your Nails 24/7

It’s tough enough to maintain healthy nails when they’re damp. But, if your fingers are constantly dry with dirty nail polish remover, make a point to wash your hands first before applying nail art. Similarly, make sure to change your clean nail polish brush daily to avoid any possible scratches.

3. Change Your Lacquer Once or Twice a Week

It’s normal to remove your manicure polish once or twice a week — especially if you have fungus, a cracked nail, or a cold. But, don’t leave the polish on your nails if they’re rapidly drying, flaking, or bleeding. And, make sure to replace your nail polish completely before applying nail art. Nail art treatment can quickly dry if you don’t reapply a fresh coat of nail polish, and it can lead to an over-the-top finishing feel in nail art — one that quickly turns dry and brittle.

4. Apply a Mask to Reduce Bathing Habits

Dr. Tulin suggests applying a mask that reduces the need to bathe to your nails two to three times a week. This is perfect if you need to cut down on your brush requirements because of your own hand-washing. However, if you regularly bathe your hands to rinse and moisturize, this mask is not so useful.

5. Mix Tiny Nails With Paper

If you don’t want to suffer the rashes of dandruff, you can treat yourself to a tiny nail salon. Just choose a nail shop that isn’t a nail salon, and don’t let the “men” find out you don’t want to go to a salon. There are nail shops out there that specialize in tiny nails, but make sure that your nails are large enough that they won’t break the nail salon’s adhesive around the edges. Also, make sure that you’ve got wet nails to use the mini nail polish, which prevents the nails from drying out.